13.11.2017 Customer needs research for Energetica Natura Based on an extensive survey, we will look at how we can best meet the wishes and needs of the customer.
19.10.2015 Predictive Analytics for SD Worx and iNostix The blog written by HR specialist Luk Smeyers, CEO of iNostix, reveals the importance of HR predictive analytics.
01.04.2015 Alerting system for solar panels - Fifthplay Based on weather indicators, the energy production of solar panels is predicted. Too big differences between observed and predicted production values indicates a reduced capacity or malfunction of the solar panels. The alerting system allows timely intervention.
21.02.2015 Smart targeting for Telenet campaigns Downgrade, cross-sell and uplift modeling to identify Telenet customers with the greatest chance of success for a particular campaign. Smart targeting ensures that the right customers are approached for a campaign, which of course saves costs, especially in the case of outbound campaigns.
07.04.2014 Economic impact of company presentations, research commissioned by TothePoint at Work Total time spent on presentations within organizations / companies is measured, differentiated according to function. Besides the quantity is the quality of presentations examined in a multivariate model, which uncovers factors with a significant impact on the learning effect of presentations. ...
27.02.2014 Publications research results 'Animal welfare' Animal Welfare survey: research published online as well as in several Flemish newspapers
21.02.2014 Survey Animal Welfare in Politics Research results
06.12.2013 Results of the TAXsurvey from Fiscaal Correct Report of the results, made by De Cijferij. Press releases: "Boekhouders kraken fiscaal beleid van de federale regering" in De Morgen "Enquête legt fiscaal ongenoegen bloot" in De Tijd "Politique-fiscale-du-gvt-federal-insatisfaisante-selon-les-professions-economiques"...
26.11.2013 First national tax survey to the Belgian fiscal sense. The expert team Fiscaal Correct uncovers ​tax ​​issues and formulates policy proposals, in order to achieve a comprehensive tax reform. Their large-scale survey of the Belgian fiscal sense is processed by De Cijferij. The research results will be presented at the Forum for...
09.10.2013 Sanoma: What traveller types are there and how do they react to the economic crisis? Research on impact of the crisis on the tourism industry.
17.06.2013 Is your segmentation still the core of your target group? Presentation at STIMA congres.
11.01.2013 Creating detailed profiles for readers of Flemisch newspapers and magazines. Commissioned by media company De Persgroep
08.10.2012 Research for Fé: women and men report De Cijferij analyzes data for the women and men report 2012. Results during the seminar on October 25th! Subscribe via
01.08.2012 Sales Force Effectiveness Modelling for Astrazeneca Measuring impacts on sales in a pharmaceutical environment.
26.06.2012 Commercial Modelling for Astrazeneca Optimal channel mix models for Astrazeneca.
21.04.2011 A car that drives almost for free when driving below 50 km per hour. Can Toyota Auris Hybride be called truly surprising? De Cijferij finds out and publishes the results of a Toyota Auris Hybrid test drive.  Production studio Hotel Hungaria and advertisement agency Happiness translate these results into a non-fiction campaign.
22.03.2011 Channel Optimization Modelling for Astrazeneca research for AstraZeneca
28.01.2011 Job offer De Cijferij is urgently looking for a staff member for a period of at least one year. If you think you are strong in statistical analysis, prepared to travel and to work in international settings or know someone that might be interested, please mail to
07.06.2010 De Cijferij goes pharma De Cijferij goes on pharmaceutical data mining for an international project in the pharmaceutical field.
08.05.2010 Market segmentation research commissioned by Sanoma De Cijferij categorised Sanoma Prague’s market data into four head segments and few major sub segments.  This detailed classification forms the foundation for effective customer relationship management (CRM) policy.

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